Coll Vilaró has a wide range of products to suit all needs and options. Here we show you the list of our preferred products.

Lubrication Systems

Rod ends


RBC Products


Plastics Bearings

Stainless Bearings

Miniature/precision bearings

Linear series

Power Transmission

RoWasher machine

Leveling and alignment

Precision lock nuts

Bearings Extractor

Chain Extractor

List of products (By Brands)

If you preffer, you can see below a list of all the different brands we distribute and their most important products.

ADAMS (Distributor)

  • Oilers

AURORA (Distributor for Spain)

  • American rod ends

BIJUR (Distributor for Spain)

  • Central greasing

Balls (Importers)

  • Steel balls, stainless steel, polyamide, glass, etc.
  • Polished steel balls
  • Conveyor balls

BRUGAROLAS (Authorized distributor)

  • Lubricants, greases and oils
  • Sprays, anti-moisture, silicone, chains, sprockets, belts, cables, welding, multipurpose basic, dry fat 45, fat and non-toxic oils, etc.
  • Special sink gel for fat
  • Dispensers

DESCH (Distributor for Spain)

  • Power Transmission

DODGE (Distributor for Catalonia)

  • Power Transmission

DURBAL (Authorized distributor)

  • German rod ends

EZO-OPTIMA (Distributor for Spain)

  • Stainless bearings

FK (Authorized distributor)

  • Self-lubricating Supports

GRW-SAPORO (Authorized distributor)

  • Miniature bearings

HEIM (Distributor for Spain)

  • American rod ends

HIRSCHMANN (Distributor for Spain)

  • German rod ends

JORESA (Distributor)

  • Motorcycle chains
  • Chains with fins
  • Sprocket chain
  • Chain Extractors


  • Bearings
  • Rotor

KUKKO (Distributor)

  • Bearing extractor

LUBE-SHUTTLE (Authorized distributor)

  • Oil pump
  • Rechargeable cartridges

LUBESITE (Distributor for Spain)

  • Automatic lubricators

LUBRON (Distributor for Spain)

  • Self-lubricating bearings Fiberglide/Fabroid

MPS (Distributor for Spain)

  • Precision Linear Bushing (Microlinea)
  • 4 point contact bearing (Microsphere)

MYONIC-RMB (Distributor for Spain)

  • Miniature precision bearings
  • Precision-rings
  • Manufacture of special precision parts

NICE (Distributor for Spain)

  • Ball bearings

NTN (Authorized distributor)

  • Ball bearings, needles and rollers

PHOENIX BEARINGS (Distributor for Spain)

  • Metric bearings (by inch) series SL

RBC (Distributor for Spain)

  • Thin section bearings
  • Fine precision bearing with 4 contact points
  • Needle bearing
  • Precision spindle
  • Conic roller bearing TYSON
  • Spherical rod ends
  • Self-lubricating Bearing FIBERGLIDE

REGINA (Distributor)

  • Conveyor chains
  • Stainless machine foot

RODOBAL (Distributor for Spain)

  • German rod ends

RODOGRIP (Distributor for Spain)

  • Precision locknuts

RODOFLEX (Distributor for Spain)

  • Flexible couplings

RODOSET (Distributor for Spain)

  • Leveling and alignment elements

ROTOLIN (Distributor for Spain)

  • Linear motion and rotary

SCHMEING (Distributor for Spain)

  • Bearings and plastic substrates

SMARTWASHER (Authorized distributor)

  • Washing machine parts, ecological degreaser

SPHERCO (Distributor for Spain)

  • American rod ends

SRB (Authorized distributor)

  • Split support with cylindrical roller bearing

UNI OELER (Distributor)

  • Oilers

UNIBAL (Distributor for Spain)

  • Swiss rod ends

UNIST (Distributor for Spain)

  • Micro spray


  • Sliding systems


  • Flexible couplings


  • Industrial Adhesives and glues



  • Free wheel bearings
  • Cages bearings, columns and caps
  • Gravity conveyors roller bearings incorporated
  • Mechanical locking
  • Chains
  • Self-lubricating Supports
  • Supports with continuous lubrication
  • Sleeves, nuts
  • Elastic small rings
  • Pulleys and belts
  • Fasteners
  • Universal joints
  • Bronze bushings self-lubricating
  • Flexible couplings
  • Tensioning bases, slide rails
  • Frequency converters in AC and DC
  • Gear
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic elements
  • Electric motor

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