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Spherical plain bearings
for Aerospace and Motorsport

Some brands examples:


miniature bearings

Some brand examples:


RBC Products

- Thin section ball bearings, radial, angular
and 4-p. contact
- Aerospace section and more

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Supports and plastic bearings

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Bijur Delimon

Centralized greasing components

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An ecological washer
machine for pieces

Optimus efficiency with a neutral
PH solution, without liquit refillment

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Welcome to Coll Vilaró, S.A. in Badalona!

Bearings, power transmission and lubrication systems distributors.

Coll Vilaró, SA is a company that was established in 1942 which was named after its founder: Antonio Coll Vilaró. The company has been dedicated from its beginnings to the supply of bearings and power transmission, reaching to achieve the distribution of miniature bearings GRW and Swiss rod ends UNIBAL. In 1986, he left the business for his sons to run it, and in consequence, the company name was changed as it is nowadays: Coll Vilaró, SA.

Get to know us! And if you have a technical problem, please call us; we will be here to give you the best possible solution..

In our long history we have extended our exclusive distribution, becoming a benchmark for the market of bearings, transmissions and lubrication systems.
We are characterized for our friendly and polite treatment, our quick service and for our technical experts with years of experience.

Our represented brands

These are some of the best known brands we work with:

Unibal Swiss rod ends

Bijur centralized greasing

Rodobal German rod ends

RBC Bearings

Durbal German rod ends

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Our products

Coll Vilaró has a wide range of products to suit all needs and options. Among them we can find:

Lubrication Systems

Rod ends


Plastic and ceramic bearings

Stainless bearings

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    Coll Vilaró S.A.

    C/Francesc Teixidó, 10
    P.E. Granland
    08918 Badalona,
    Barcelona, Spain

    Business hours: 9am ~ 2/ 3 ~ 6pm
    Business hours August: 8am ~ 3pm

    Telf: +34 93 4590618
    Fax: +34 93 4579199

    Ext.1 Sales Xavi
    Ext.2 Sales David
    Ext.3 Technician Francesc
    Ext.4 Sist. Distributor Cristina
    Ext.5 Administration

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